Educational Meetings held by EAA Chapter "Fifty" Educational Meetings held by EAA Chapter "Fifty" Airport Funding By Sandy Gordley Huron County Manager 145793882 Alaska in a C182 Don Sieg discussing his trip 145793884 Alaska in an Ercoupe Bob State flew his Ercoupe to Alaska and back! In addition he has flown 500 Young eagles in the Ercoupe one at a time! 145793883 Avionics 145793881 Bird Strikes Sandy Wright records reported Bird Strike for the FAA and US Wild life! 145793886 CFI's Point of View Don Mather gives pointers to members and guest. 145793887 Civil Air Patrol Lori Douglas Weaver discuses Cival Air Patrol! 145793888 Denton Tour of facility which builds crash test dummies. 145844721 Desert Storm KC 135 Pilot 145793889 EAA's Air Academy EAA 50 often helps young people attend the event for educational purposes. 145793890 EAA Flight Advisor Program Ben Gleason EAA Flight Advisor, gives advice for first time flights in your new home built or new aircraft. 145793891 Engine/Airframe/Propeller Logs Todd explains how it should be done right! 145793892 Flight Attendant Stories Tiff Mather explains the duties of a flight attendant. 145844723 Flying: Build or Buy? Bernie Oakley talks about his home built aircraft. 145793894 Flying Adventures Ed Rusch explains what its like to ferry aircraft across miles of Ocean waters. 145793895 Flying Safely Todd Mather Airline Capt, and flight Instructor explains safety! 145793896 Garmin 1000 Chuck Plum covers new Glass Naviation systems 145793898 Great Air Race 1934 Bill Meixner President of Cleveland Air Racing Society talks about Air racing History! 145793899 Helicopters Andy Overly shows how helicopters fly! 145844724 History of the Ford Tri-Motor 145793900 How I Built My Sonex EAA 50 member Jim Stransky talks about his project! 145844720 Life of a Fed Ex Pilot Mike Weisenberger talks about what is like to fly for Fed X 145793901 Managing Risk Paul Kosial discusses safety! 145844719 Metalworking Class Hands on Educational Meeting in the Gleason hangar. 145793904 Prince Propellers Mr. Prince explains how his company builds drone propellers 145793906 Propeller Balancing EAA 50 member Dale Knittle explains prop carving! 145793907 Propeller Installation Dale advises how to properly install props! 145793908 Proper Use of the Aircraft Radio Todd Mather Flight Instructor gives advise on airplane radio use. 145793909 Review of the FARs General discussion on FAR;s 145844722 Sheet Metal Educational Meeting Hands on demonstrations 145793910 TFR's and Runway Incursions Thomas Griffing professional pilot and flight instructor educates the attendees. 145793911 Welding 101 Scott Brogan teaches hands on welding educational program 145793914 Welding 201 Mike Weisenberger gets some tips from instructor. 145793915